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Digital Instruments Nanoscope III SPM Scanning Probe Atomic Force Microscope AFM

Manufacturer: Digital Instruments

Model: Nanoscope III

Condition: Used. Everything looks clean and nothing is apparently broken.  The soft plastic on the wheels of the isolation table has come off, so the table does not roll well but it does roll.  The control monitor is still the original CRT but the viewing screen has been changed out to an LCD monitor.  Sorry, we are unable to find technical specifications for this SPM.  Note that the table under the computer and controllers in the photos is NOT included in this sale. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This unit was acquired from a company that was using it until they closed due to tax issues.  We were not able to get the manuals. We verified that the computer, both control boxes, the air isolation table, the stage and the video camera all work.  We are not expert in the use of this equipment but we were able to get the probe tuned and engage the tip and run a scan.  When we went to make a scan of something slightly more interesting than the sheet of smooth plastic we used the first time, the probe touched the surface and wouldn't re-engage after we aborted.  There are lots of spare probe tips but we figured you would be happier to change them yourself than to have us potentially damage something.  We retracted the head and reinitialized the stage.  No other testing was done.

Please NOTE: you will need to supply your own serial trackball, vacuum source, and expertise - we are unable to supply technical support for this scope! No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) Digital Instruments Nanoscope III
  • (1) Digital Instruments NanoScope III Scanning Probe Microscope Controller
  • (1) Digital Instruments Large Sample Stage Model LSSC
  • (1) Digital Instruments NanoScope Stage Controller
  • (1) Digital Instruments LSTB
  • (1) TMC Micro-G Model 63-21436 isolation table with bumper rails both sides
  • (1) Intel XBASE8TE8F-B computer
  • (1) Digital Instruments Acoutsical Isolation enclosure
  • (4) boxes NanoProbe SPM tips type LTESP L: 225Ám (qty 40 tips)
  • (1) AFM replacement laser model LT023MD with resistor
  • (1) Partial wafer of NanoSensors Pointprobes type S3G3T6-8L224
  • (1) JVC TM-122U video monitor
  • (1) NEC Multisync 3FGX computer monitor
  • (1) Dell 1908FP LCD computer monitor
  • (1) Chiu Technical FO-50 fiber light illuminator
  • (1) PS2 keyboard & mouse, Digital Instruments mouse pad
  • (1) NanoScope v.3.20 software floppy
  • (1) Sealed package of floppy disks, visible label says NanoScope v.4.10 install software
  • Parallel, serial, DB9 to HD15 video, and all required power cords
  • (1) Power strip
  • Various unidentified small parts


  • Manufacturer: Digital Instruments
  • Model: NanoScope III
  • Atomic Force/Scanning Probe Microscope
  • With LSSC Large Sample Stage
  • With sound insulating hood
  • With TMC Micro-G air-suspension vibration isolation table
  • With 19" LCD viewing monitor

SKU: M18D008

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance