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The Image Station 4000MM PRO brings the highest level of automation and precision in the in vitro product lines providing reproducible and quantitative imaging of chemiluminescent, UV and multi-wavelength fluorescent, chromogenic and radioisotopic labels in gels, blots, and plates. IS4000MM PRO NOW has 2 lens and Xenon illumination source options for an even higher level of applications customizability. It features a 4.2 megapixel cooled CCD camera, true 16-bit imaging, wide selection of available excitation and emission filters, and Carestream Molecular Imaging Software to create a truly advanced imaging system, for the optimal combination of precision, performance and versatility.

  • Automated filters for controlled configuration and outstanding fluorescent imaging sensitivity and flexibility
  • Application and experiment flexibility: choice of fixed lens (f/0.95) or 10X optical zoom lens (f/2.5) to offer high speed/sensitivity and multiple fields of view
  • Multiple Xenon illumination sources (180W and 400W) for decreased acquisition times and higher sensitivity imaging
  • For imaging a wide range of in vitro assays with the most modalities in 1 in vitro imaging system including luminescent, UV and multi-wavelength based fluorescence, and radioisotopic imaging of gels, blots, plates, tissue samples, and more. Optional in vivo module available to add X-ray capabilities and small animal imaging
  • Carestream’s MI software recalls and automatically utilizes exact imaging parameters for generation of perfectly reproducible image settings every time

Image Station 4000MM PRO

  • 4.2MP digital CCD camera, cooled to -29°C abs
  • Selectable lens: Fast fixed lens (f/0.95) or high grade 10X optical zoom lens (f/2.5)
  • Image Station cabinet
  • 4 position motorized emission filter wheel, 3 emission filters included
  • 10 position motorized excitation filter wheel , 9 emission filters included
  • Select Xenon illumination source (180W or 400W)
  • Trans white light diffuser
  • Epi-field flattening screen
  • 3 user copies of full feature Molecular Imaging software (network license available)
  • 1 year warranty (additional service and warranty plans available)
  • Optional Computer System (PC and MAC operating systems available)

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance