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The versatile high sensitivity system

  • Work with high sensitivity
  • Study binding in non-aqueous and aqueous samples
  • Reduce sample consumption
  • Perform the most advanced kinetic evaluation
  • Use proven technology

Biacore® X is a high sensitivity, semi-automated system for label free studies of biomolecular binding, in samples ranging from small molecules to crude extracts, lipid vesicles, viruses, bacteria and eucaryotic cells. Biacore X answers questions about the speed, strength and specificity of binding and determines the active concentrations of components. Results are evaluated using the most advanced evaluation software available. Before and after analysis a simulation program can be used to perform dry runs, to test experimental conditions or to verify experimental data, saving time and materials.

Biacore X is ideal for rapid, single runs and provides accurate sensorgrams smoothly and easily. After loading the sample, the system controls every critical step from sample injection to real time display. Biacore X is designed for laboratory environments where many users handle different types of sample in small numbers.

Work with high sensitivity

Under standard experimental conditions Biacore X can detect up to 70000 RU*, with a relative working range of 100 RU. However these values have been surpassed under fully optimized conditions. This high sensitivity allows the study of samples ranging from small molecules to large surface complexes.

Sample handling: Manual sample loading/automated injection

Molecular weight detection:>180 Da
Detection performance Myoglobin*: 10 pM
Flow rate range:1 - 100 µl/min, through flow cell, steps of 1 µl
Required sample volume:injection volume +20 µl
Refractive index range:1.33 - 1.40
Analysis temperature:4 - 40°C (max 10°C below ambient)
Number of flow cells:2 (used individually or in series)
In-line reference subtraction:yes
Dimensions (L x W x H):584 x 462 x 317 mm
Electric voltage:100 - 120 V; 220 - 240 V
Power consumption:max 580 VA
Net Weight:25 kg/55 lbs

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance