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Beckman Coulter EPICS Altra

The Beckman Coulter EPICS ALTRA Flow Cytometer is a high-performance instrument that finds application in basic research, drug discovery, and clinical research activities. This high-performance system configured for high speed cell sorting is an excellent tool for conducting innovative research in immunobiology, cell physiology, molecular biology, genetics, water quality, and plant cell physiology.

The EPICS ALTRA Flow Cytometer can analyze and sort up to 6 colors simultaneously and perform complex multi-parameter applications, including DNA cell-cycle analysis, quantification, functional studies, chromosome enumeration and physiological measurements. The device offers easy and flexible operation, and features low-power air-cooled or high-power water-cooled laser options. It allows rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations. It offers sorting rates of up to 10,000 cells per second with air-cooled lasers and up to 15,000 cells per second with water-cooled lasers.


  • Eight sort modes
  • High-resolution SortSense™ analysis and sorting
  • EXPO Software for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis in a Windows 95 environment
  • Video sort set-up and SortLock™ monitoring
  • User-configurable optical design
  • Time-of-flight and PRISM parameters

Included System Accessories:

  • PC system with hardware installed
  • Operators Manuals: Altra EPIC manuals, 2 each Altra Training Modules, Altra EPICS Options Modules, Coherent Ion Laser
  • Software: (CD) Expo 32 Multicomp Software v1.2b, with Administrators, Installation, Quick Ref & Start Guides
  • Software cont.: (CD) Cytomies Expo 32 Tourguide & Animated Flow Cyto Theory. Altra W/S Software (3.5” Disc)
  • Software cont: (CD) Hypersort and Expo 32 Manuals

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance