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Nucleofector™ Technology

Производитель: Amaxa (ФРГ)

The Principle: Nucleofection™ is a technology based on the momentary creation of small pores in cell membranes by applying an electrical pulse. The comprehensive way in which Nucleofector™ Programs and cell type-specific solutions are developed enables nucleic acid substrates delivery not only to the cytoplasm, but also through the nuclear membrane and into the nucleus. This allows for high transfection efficiencies up to 99% and makes the transfection success independent from any cell proliferation.

Developed in 1998, the Nucleofector™ Technology was introduced to the research market in 2001 as the first efficient non-viral transfection method for primary cells and hard-totransfect cell lines. With the Nucleofector™ Technology primary cells and stem cells, as well as cell lines, can be consistently transfected at high efficiency. Since then the technology has evolved through constant innovation.


Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance