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The Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences Core Facilities was created in 2002 on the base of two Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences laboratories. The main purpose of the Core Facilities is to deliver services of shared use for the academic institutes and higher education institutions for the research through the program “Living Systems”. The total number of personnel is 9 persons. Core Facilities Regulation was approved in 2002.

Aggregate amount of research (measurements) made with the help of Core Facilities equipment in the period of 2009-2010 years is more than 500.

Research scientific works carried out on the base of Core Facilities include the following: creation of new module recombinant nanotransporters for antitumor drug delivery into the target cell nucleus, investigation of antineoplastic action mechanisms of gene cellular antitumor vaccines, investigation of transport experiments and interactions of macromolecules in cells, investigation of molecular mechanisms which control genome domains work, investigation of eukaryotic organisms transcription. All the results of scientific research are unique and sought-after.

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance