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International collaboration

The Core Facilities equipment was used in development and investigation of new advanced technique properties of malignant neoplasms treatment with the help of targeted drug delivery into the malignant target cells compartments that are more sensitive to them by means of module drug  nanotransporters. These works are carried out      in touch with  Utrecht University (Holland), Duke University, Raleigh (USA),   Monash University, Melbourne (Australia).

The Core Facilities extensively cooperates together with leading foreign firms which are manufactures of      scientific and medical equipment. Practice Seminars and Conferences on sharing experience and introduction to the advanced technologies  in the field of molecular and cellular biology, nanobiotechnologies are regularly given  through the offices of The Core Facilities:

    • 01.11.2010 Research and Practice International Seminar dedicated to the modern        genetic information analysis methods given by PARALLABS together with ILLUMINA INC.
    • 26.10.2010 Seminar with practical part of "Eppendorf": " Dosage units, dosage methods, calibration, maintenance "
    • 28.09.2010 Seminar: "Biological microchips – new solutions" given by "Helicon"
    • 21.09.2010 Company «Beckman Coulter+ and LLC «Medic CoM+ gave Seminar «Innovative and package approaches in            genomics+
    • 01.10.2010 Seminar dedicated to the production of TECAN - the famous  manufacturer of laboratory equipment.
    • 13.07.2010 Company «Bio-Rad Laboratories+ organized  regular learning – working seminar “Modern proteomic analysis methods” which allows to obtain  practical experience in carrying out all the stages of proteomic analysis.

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance