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Instrument base and the list of services supplied by the  Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences Core Facilities
Biacore X

  • Kinetic constants calculation of molecules interaction.
  • Determination of matters concentration in highly diluted fluids.
  • Matters “fishing” for the following analysis.

Leica TCS SP2 confocal microscope

  • Measurement of fluorescence intensity pattern in the focal plane and  volume metering of investigational samples under various waves length in the range of  fluorescence excitation waves length 450-663 nm (up to seven registration independent channels).
  • 3D imaging of fluorescence-labelled preparations with geometric processing.
  • Mathematical processing of images (clean-up, deconvolution/convolution, contrast, etc.).
  • Process analysis with FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) and  FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching).
  • The definition of fluorophores colocalization in the sample.

Atomic force microscope Nanoscope III A controller

  • The definition of the sample surface topography with atomic resolution ~10 nm z-direction and ~1 nm  in xy-plane (depends on the probe being used). Maximum field of view is 150å150 mmin y-plane and 6 mm z-direction.  Surface under investigation may contact both with air and  liquid phase.
  • The definition of interaction forces is between the probe and the sample. Here the probe modification by biological molecule (ex. by antibodies). Minimum interaction force is 30  ï=.

LSM 510 META NLO Multy Photon Microscope

  • The analysis of fluorescence distribution and  intensity in the focal plane and  volume metering in biological  samples (cells and tissues) in the range of wave lengh: - in confocal mode – from 458 nm to 633 nm; in multiphoton mode – in accordance with the range of iraser (710-990 nm).
  • The definition of   fluorescence decay characteristic time in the sample under investigation.
  • Image analysis in FLIM mode (fluorescence lifetime image microscopy).
  • FRAP analysis.
  • The definition of fluorescent molecules colocalization both according to the application of “paints” and FRET data (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer).

Cyclone Storage Phosphor Screen Phospho Imager
The definition of radioactive probe distribution in the samples sewn to the nylon and nitrocellulose membranes:   

  • The analysis of polymorphous loci in genome.
  • Quantitation of repeatable genome sites.
  • Gene expression profiling.
  • Characteristic of gene transcripts length and structure.  
  • The definition of binding site for   DNA- and RNA-binding proteins. 

Image station 4000MM PRO    imaging system

  • The definition of various probes distribution (fluorescent, luminescent and other dyes, radiolabels) in the wide range of samples including gel, áëîâë,  disks, fibers samples and etc.

Beckman Coulter EPICS ALTRA  flow cytofluorimeter-sorter

  • The definition of cells viability test.
  • The definition of DNA content in the cell.
  • The definition of phagocytic activity.
  • The definition of intracellular cytokines.
  • The analysis of reporter genes expression level in the cells.  
  • Cell sorting according to any of the parameters mentioned above. You may sort cells according to their size, granularity,  expression level of some or other antigens.


  • The definition of nanoparticcles hydrodynamic radius in the range of 0,6 nm – 6 mm.
  • The definition of nanoparticles zeta-potential in the range of 6 mkV – 100 mV when pH is from 1 to 13, the temperature is from 6

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance