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There are the following terms for the users:

  • Everybody who wants to use the Core Facilites instrumental methodic base for carrying out the works must send an enquiry letter in the name of the Institute of Gene Biology Director.  
  • Operating conditions at the Core Facilites: involvement in development of research methods on the Core Facilities equipment; reality of assigned missions solution on the Core Facilities equipment;
  • an Agreement of  creative cooperation is made in the case of  nontrivial mission to solve. Besides,  a condition of operation on the Core Facilities equipment is to include the order into the Core Facilities  plan.  
  • The Core Facilities users pay consumable materials needed for carrying out their works included into the Core Facilities  plan to the fullest extent. 
  • The Core Facilities users are fully  liable for the Core Facilities equipment they used during their works.
  • There must be links in publications to the Core Facilities equipment usage and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation support grant.

Begging letter in the name of  the Institute of Gene Biology Director  must contain:

  1. Rationalisation of reality of assigned missions solution taking into account research and practice significancy and material expenses; and also  the version of Requirement Specification for carrying out investigations supposed by Applicant;
  2. The  name  of Report and the full name of reporter who will appear at the Methodological Council with this Rationalisation and  Requirement.
  3. Performance guarantees of adequately prepared samples in the quality/concentrations/form that is sufficient for  carrying out an investigation;
  4. Content to advance purchase (that is – before carrying out investigations approved by Methodological Council of the Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences Core Facilities) at consumable materials Applicant cost;
  5. If necessary - content to preparation of solutions, buffers, environments and other  consumable substances needed for carrying out proposed investigations from among consumable materials purchased by Applicant (prepared consumable substances must comply with requirements for appropriate investigation type);
  6. Request for learning his representative  necessary research method on the Core Facilities  equipment so as he will be able to carry out required investigations by himself if Applicant think it’s necessary. 
  7. Request for carrying out of investigations  with the help of the Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences Core Facilities if Applicant thinks  it’s necessary.
  8. Request for carrying out of investigations  with the help of Applicant representative if Applicant thinks that this representative knows necessary methods.
  9. Guarantee against material losses, caused by Applicant representative during the learning period or works at the Institute of Gene Biology Russian Academy of Sciences Core Facilities.
  10. Execution of an agreement quarantees for carrying out of  research scientific works.

Applicant must take into account the following:

Methodological Council of the Core Facilities comes to the conclusion about possibility or     impossibility of carrying out of investigations proposed by Applicant. In case of  favorable opinion the Council advances an opinion about methodological requirements for carrying out of works and also regards of purchasing and preparation of consumable materials with requirements to them and samples under investigations (see sub-s 3-5), and also classes Applicant representative (see sub-s 6 and 8).

Methods and equipment

Polymerase chain reaction
Atomic force microscopy
Surface plasmon resonance